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James Beech was born in Ontario, Canada (a fact which he will remind you of constantly), and moved to Florida around the time his father decided the family was collectively tired of the "damn cold."

Beech received his BFA in 2004, specializing in traditional drawing. During these undergraduate years, Beech started tinkering with game editors. As early as 2000, he was using the Unreal Engine (version 2.0!) to release user-made levels.


This became a full-time hobby which encouraged Beech to attend The Guildhall at SMU, a short, intense program that taught students how to make games professionally. One of his group projects, Weekday Warrior, won the 2007 IGF Mod of the Year Award (watch the video below). This led directly to his employment at Sony, where he shipped DC Universe Online. He went on to ship Crysis 3, Darksiders 3, and Remnant: From the Ashes. He also worked for a year on Metroid Prime 4, and for three months on Eternal Darkness 2, of all things.

Beech has also created two solo indie games, called ULTRAWORLD EXODUS and Carceri, respectively. He crafted all the Art, music, and writing for both, and his work was recognized by IndieCade, which named ULTRAWORLD as a finalist for The 2016 Indie Game of the Year.

Now Beech balances his time between helping to make giant AAA games, consulting, and doing personal work such as painting, writing music, and harassing his cats (who continue to tolerate his existence).

Feel free to reach out, or click any of the fancy Social Media icons at the bottom of each page to Connect, see Art, hear Music, play Games, etc.

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