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Remnant: From the Ashes


This game, a third-person co-op shooter, became something of a cult hit. My work revolved around blocking out "tiles," modular sections of worlds that are used in an infinite generation system. These include the main player base, boss fight arenas, story POIs, overworld areas and dungeons (I shipped about 100 tiles with this game)! I also helped to create and balance the encounters throughout the game. It was an interesting challenge, due to the modularity.

At the start of the project, I was the only level designer. I set the style/standard for how tiles should work. In the final six months of the project, I was functionally acting as a lead level designer on the project, trying to schedule time with the Creative Director to review the work of all level designers, and then helping them process the feedback from these review sessions.

The YouTube video above is a good overview of the game and it's systems.


Third-Person co-op shooter.


PS4, PS5, PC,

Xbox One,



August 2019

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