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Dark Siders 3


My primary responsibilities for this game revolved around the creation and completion of two major zones: The Bonelands and The Depths. The video above starts at roughly where my work begins, at The Church (which I blocked out based on the Trinity Church in NYC). Overall this video highlights The Bonelands, whereas the video below highlights The Depths. Each zone was built to highlight the evolving abilities of Fury, the game's protagonist.

Additionally, I was tasked with creating unique and compelling encounters throughout the game. All told, I setup about 2/3 of the games encounters, with an eye towards making enemies feel like part of their environment (and not just puppets standing in an arena waiting to be smacked).


This encounter task eventually led me to placing all the items in the entire game, as they often worked as lures to setup interesting combat situations. As such, I was involved with shaping Fury's progression across the game, as I had to divide item types by power level and decide when and where players should find things. It was an unexpected but fun bit of design work.

Darksiders 3 is available on PS4/XBox One, Switch, and here, on Steam.


A third-person action adventure


PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC


November 2018

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