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Over the course of two years, I created the abstract, colorful world you see above. ULTRAWORLD was built using the CRYENGINE, a graphics rendering program into which I injected Art, music, and story to bring a virtual world to life. I went on to release the game, and its expansion, EXODUS, on Steam. You can grab it here for free.


ULTRAWORLD EXODUS was also a finalist for IndieCade's Indie Game of the Year award. I was invited to show the game at their festival in Los Angeles. For this occasion I generated a series of 250 unique photos from the game which I signed, numbered, and handed out at the event. You can see some of these in the slide gallery above.

But what is ULTRAWORLD? Primarily a first-person explorer, the story revolves around ULTRA, a sentient yet lonely Artificial Intelligence. It created ULTRAWORLD and invited you, the player, the person sitting at the computer desk, to visit this world. Once there, ULTRA waxes philosophical as they try to understand what it means to "be."

For players that find the premise too Meta, there is always Vacation Mode. An infinite abstract-photography generator, Vacation Mode opens the game up to pure exploration. The series of 250 images were generated in this mode. Watch me, in the video below, explain ULTRAWORLD's features in more detail.

Also, as you can hear in the video below, I created the entire soundtrack. You can grab it here.


An abstract Indie Art game.



April 2016

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