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Carceri is a solo-dev, Indie first-person explorer, built using Unreal 4; a spiritual successor to my previous game, ULTRAWORLD EXODUS. As solo dev implies, I created all the Art, composed all the music, wrote the story/dialog, and scripted the game using blueprint. The trailer below gives a good overview of the look/feel/tone of the game.

From a Level Design perspective, Carceri's world consists of four open biomes, interconnected in a seamless, metroidvania fashion, allowing players to eventually access every nook and cranny of the game. These biomes are narrative-rich, lived-in spaces that just so happen to be platforming jungle gyms as well. This way, players that want a story are served, but players that just want to explore are free to have their fun too.

All told Carceri took about three years to make (I started in 2019, but took several years off doing other projects/jobs). Click the link below to see it's public-facing presentation:

Steam Store page

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