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DC Universe Online


This was my first professional game job, I spent nearly five years on one single work of Art, along with several hundred other people. Kind of ridiculous, in retrospect.

I shipped fourteen finished levels in this game, ranging from giant player cities (The JLA Watchtower), eight-player Raids (Khandaq), four-player Arenas (Bludhaven), and two-player Playrooms (Temple of Isis, S.T.A.R. Labs Space Station). For many of these I helped come up with the story/scenarios, and then helped setup the enemy encounters (in the playrooms, in particular). Pictures above represent a cross-section of this work.

Overall, working on a MMO was an interesting experience; our designs had to account for potentially a hundred players at a time. We had to appease Warner Brothers in how we dealt with their IP. And, after Final Fantasy XI, we were the second MMO in console history, the first on PS3.

The video below shows a player finding all the hidden audio logs in one of my Arena levels: Gorilla Island, where the super-intelligent Apes' giant spaceship has crash landed into a volcano crater. We definitely embraced the goofy qualities inherit in DC Comics.


Over a decade later and the game is still up and running, now on every console, and on Steam.


Third-Person Action MMO


PS5, PS4, PS3, PC,

Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox SX


January 2011

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