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Crysis 3


Back in 2012 I moved to Frankfurt, Germany to work on the third game in this much loved franchise. During my year there, I focused exclusively on the game's second level: Welcome to the Jungle (seen in the pictures above). It was a rough shell of a blockout when I arrived, which I then refined, added/subtracted from, and scripted all gameplay for: enemy encounters, sound effects, banter, checkpoints, main/side objectives, NPC leading/following behavior, etc.


I was also basically the producer for this level, making sure other developers were delivering the assets I needed to make everything come together as envisioned. By the end I was doing final worldbuilding, performance analysis, and difficulty balancing.


It was a lot of work, but it seems to have paid off. Watch the video below, a retrospective analysis of Crysis 3 (jump to 11:40 to hear his discussion of Welcome to the Jungle).

Crysis 3 was initially on PS3/XBox 360/PC but has since been remastered and is now also available on Switch, PS4, and Xbox XS.


First-Person Shooter


PS3, PS4, PC,

Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One


February 2013

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